Charlie Bear Dickory


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Dickory is part of a set of three little mice, Dickory is the middle size of these diminutive characters made from the high quality European plush, which is a truly random patterned plush so no two will be the same. Tiny bright eyes and sharp whiskers and long suedette tail are perfect for this little fellow. Dickory's colour is a mousy browns, cream and white. The third mouse will be launched later this year and is a carefully guarded secret in the Bearhouse!.

  • Code CB165116
  • Size 8.5" / 22cm
  • Designed by Alison Mills
  • Accessory string bow
  • Material Plush
  • 5 Way jointed
  • Hand wash cool with care
  • Suitable for 3 Years and above
  • Bear Family Doc
  • Pre-order and layaway available phone 01580 761356