Charlie Bear Seek



Seek and his brother Hide could almost be forgiven for mistaking them as twin's but they have their own unique personalities and markings whilst using the same plush in both dark brown, pale cream and mink, the placing of the fabric has given them both their own special Look. Each of the characters are fully jointed but able to stand like a real meerkat which is helped by their lovely little tail for balance. Both of the characters also have bent paws and each have a different coloured hand stitched nose.

  • Code CB161689
  • Size 11" / 28cm
  • Designed by Isabelle Lee
  • Accessory Bow
  • Material Plush
  • 5 Way Jointed
  • Bear Family Seek
  • Suitable for 3 years and above
  • Hand Wash Cool with Care
  • Pre-Order and Layaway available phone 01580 761356 for details