Charlie Bear Skylar



Skylar is the only character in the 2016 collection who is not five way jointed. He has a neck joint and a joint at each wing but his feet are made with internal armature allowing him to stand. His beautiful face is a soft feather white plush and the handmade beak and eye detail give him a very wise look. His wings have been designed as such so they have a resemblance of a real feathered wing. Skylar is the result of the 100's of suggestions Charlie Bear received for another Owl from the colletors after they created Flying Officer Hootie. 

  • Code CB161628
  • Size 14" / 35cm
  • Designed by Isabelle Lee
  • Accessory none
  • Material Plush
  • 3 Way Jointed
  • Bear Family Flying Officer Hootie
  • Hand Wash Cool With Care
  • Pre-Order and Layaway available phone 01580 761356 for Details