Charlie Bear Trix



Trix, is  part of Charlie Bear brand new "Puppy Love" mini series within their plush collection. When Charlie  was creating her they knew they had to be soft filled and weighted as such that when picked up he felt like a real life puppy. The plush used to create this delightful puppy, "well just imagine a golden Labrador and you are pretty much there" and the jointing used makes him feel playful as he can be positioned in many different poses. He has chunky over sized paws, and the cutest little face with a tiny hand embroidered nose. To complete his look he wears a smart brown ribbon.

  • Code CB165108
  • Size 11" / 28cm
  • Designed by Alison Mills
  • Material Plush
  • 5 Way Jointed
  • Bear Family Best Friend and Mud Magnet
  • Suitable for 3 years and above
  • Hand Wash Cool with Care
  • Pre-Orders and Layaway available please phone 01580 761356 for details